Whether you are a birthmother or a prospective adoptive family, Lifeline can help you. We offer complete adoption services to birthparents, including counseling, housing, medical care, legal services, and the assurance that the baby will be placed with a Christian family. For the prospective adoptive family, we offer a complete range of professional services related to adopting a child. We encourage you to review our site to learn how we can help you, and please call us at 205.967.0811 for any additional information we can provide you with.

Lifeline Children's Services, Inc. is a member agency of the National Council for Adoption.

Lifeline Children Services
2908 Pump House Road
Birmingham, AL 35243

Maternity Home
Domestic Adoption
International Adoption
Other Services

Personal Assistants:

Maternity Home
Email: allison.pittman@lifelineadoption.org
AIM screen name: llvallison
MSN Messenger: allison.pittman@lifelineadoption.org
Text message: 2054828437@txt.att.net

Birmingham/Central Alabama
Email: sommer@lifelineadoption.org
AIM screen name: sommerbonjovi
MSN Messenger: sommer@lifelineadoption.org
Text message: 2054828438@mobile.mycingular.com

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